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The Shared Workspace is now closed.

The All-of-Government security certification for this service has also expired.

If you have any queries about the Shared Workspace service please contact

Shared Workspace Logon

Shared Workspace General Questions

Shared Workspace Logon

What logon service is Shared Workspace using?

Shared Workspace uses the RealMe login service. The RealMe login service is a way to use the same logon, such as a username and password to securely access government online services. This saves you from having to remember multiple logon details for different websites.

You will also be able to manage your own logon (change your password, reset your password, view your activity, update your logon details) anytime you like through the RealMe website at

You can view information about the RealMe login service by visiting the following site: The RealMe login service is owned and operated by the Department of Internal Affairs.

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How does the logon process work?

  • the RealMe login service allows you to create your own username and password
  • the RealMe login service gives you access to all your Shared Workspaces via one web address ( Once logged on, a list of your Workspaces is displayed
  • You can manage your RealMe login through self-service. You can change your password and view your activity anytime you like.

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How long does my RealMe password last for?

You will be prompted to update your password every 12 months. You can change it more frequently if you wish by using the "Manage my RealMe" function on the RealMe website. You can also access this function through the menu button "Manage my RealMe" on your Shared Workspace home page.

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What web address should I bookmark to access my Shared Workspace?

You can bookmark each workspace once you successfully login to the site. Alternatively, where you are a member of more than one workspace, you can choose to bookmark

Once you have logged on, that link will show a list of all your shared workspaces

* For enhanced security never follow a link from an email, to a secure website, to login. The most secure way to get to a new website is by typing in or pasting the URL in your browser and then bookmarking it for ongoing access.

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Who do I contact if I have problems with my Logon?

For assistance with your RealMe login such as:

  • getting help if you have forgotten your RealMe password or username
  • managing your RealMe login
  • creating an RealMe login for your Shared Workspace

you can go to the RealMe login service website for online help, or email or phone:

Phone (toll free in New Zealand): 0800 664 774
Phone - overseas: +64 9 357 4468
Hours: 24/7

For assistance with Shared Workspace such as:

  • Managing your Shared Workspace
  • Registering an interest in setting up a new Shared Workspace
  • Receiving either one of these error messages once you have logged on using your RealMe login:

    Unknown RealMe login
    Unauthorized Access attempt

you can email or phone:

Phone: (04) 463 1385
Hours: 9am to 5pm Mon - Fri (answer phone service after-hours)

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Shared Workspace General Questions

What is a Shared Workspace?

A workspace is a secure, interactive website where members can add, update and manage their own content. You must be an invited member in order to gain access. Members can be from a mix of agencies, non-government people and private sector organisations.

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Who owns Shared Workspace?

The Department of Internal Affairs owns the license for the software and the infrastructure to run the tools.
The lead agency owns (sponsors and has ongoing responsibility for) the workspace.

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Who can apply to have a Shared Workspace?

  • Any State sector-based group
  • Local Government groups

Each application to use the Shared Workspace is assessed to ensure it meets the eligibility guidelines.

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Who can join a Shared Workspace?

The owners of the workspace approve new members to a workspace.

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A new site is $2250 p.a. with a one-off $500 setup fee (excl. GST). There are no limits on the number of users to a site and DIA do not bill according to band width consumed. Sites are limited to 7 GB in storage capacity and the maximum individual file size to upload is 100MB. The Shared Workspace utilizes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) thus it is possible to expand the standard 7 GB storage allocation - pricing is $1.36 per month per 1GB and will be added to the annual fee.

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Who pays?

Annual Fees are charged to the lead agency in order to partially recover set up, training, hosting, and maintenance costs. Members are responsible for their own costs (telecommunication charges, email software etc).

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How secure is Shared Workspace?

The shared workspace infrastructure and traffic to and from the Shared Workspace is secured for information classified as "In Confidence" and hosted at a secure data centre in New Zealand.

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Will a Shared Workspace member or agency need to install any software or maintain servers?

No. The only requirement is a recent version of a standard web browser (and Internet access).

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How can I get a Shared Workspace?

All queries can be sent to the Shared Workspace team on:

Phone: (04) 463 1385
Hours: 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri (answer phone service after-hours)

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As a member of a Shared Workspace who do I contact if I have any questions regarding the workspace?

In the first instance, please contact the administrator of your Shared Workspace.

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